I'm Alexander Trattler, an experienced Media-Designer and Instructor with over 10 years of expertise in all kind of projects.
I craft visual experiences and mentor creative minds.

Explore my projects and let's uncover new paths together.



Within a few years, Alphamob has managed to achieve legendary status, at least within the steadily growing bubble of Memphis-inspired cassette rap. I had the pleasure of designing his latest extensive release. It includes a cassette, two 7-inch records, and one LP. The design of this record is a further evolution of my liquid style, where I combined real-time textures and GPU rendering to achieve a unique, organic, and fluid aesthetic. I particularly enjoy the blend of intricate 3D elements, surface detailing, and the fluid shapes, all harmonizing seamlessly with the content. I've shared everything on Behance, so feel free to click the link and take a look!

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In my initial series, I embarked on an innovative artistic journey. It was divided into three distinct parts, each allowing me to craft letters with a truly distinctive style. While each piece possessed its own unique identity, they all shared a cohesive fluid motion aesthetic. My goal wasn't to simply design a typeface; rather, I was driven by a desire to explore the dynamics of typography in motion and experiment with fresh design approaches.

For my debut series, my primary focus revolved around meticulously detailed, procedurally generated textures and how they could be artfully integrated into a 3D rendering. It's truly captivating to witness how various textures can serve as the foundation for crafting entirely new and one-of-a-kind 3D landscapes.




Alexander Trattler was born in Bavaria and now resides in Hamburg. He studied in Nuremberg and worked as a freelancer, 3D artist, and media artist in USA, Munich, London, and Hamburg. His passion lies in audiovisual, installative work within the space. Since 2016, Alexander Trattler has been working as an independent freelance lecturer at UE Hamburg and other Universities in the Motion Design / Arts program.




• Realtime Lichtinstallation mit Lasern, Dockville Festival Hamburg
• Permanente LED Lichtinstallation, “Prism Wave”, Club Rakete Nürnberg
• Stage Visuals für MLF, London, Lenny Kravitz Stage Show
• VJ Performance, Urban Art Forms, Wien
• Video & Lichtinstallationen, in Darmstadt, Nürnberg, Hamburg
• VJ Performance, Zürich Openair
• Interaktive Party Lichtinstallation, EP5, Blaue Nacht, Nürnberg
• Band Gründung “La Boum Fatale”, Audio-Visualle Performance Band
• Videoinstallation für ASICS, Leichtathletik Weltmeisterschaft, Moskau
• VJ Performance “Wagner Reloaded”, Tommy Yamaha, Nürnberg
• Permanente Lichtinstallation, Club Rakete, Nürnberg
• Permanente Lichtinstallation “PAL”, Club PAL, Hamburg
• Mapping für Jaguar, “feelXE launch” London County Hall
• Mapping für Audi, Snowboard Park, Österreich
• Ausstellung Paysages Diffractés, ÂME NUE Galerie Hamburg
• 360° Videoinstallation Wien Tourismus, “ISphere”, Wien
• Stagedesign & Lichtinstallation, “Fulgurite”, Band Mew, Dänemark
• Mapping für KURZ, Nürnberg
• Mapping Urbanscreen, Luxemburg “The Grand Duce”, Luxemburg
• Lichinstallation “Harmony Horizon” Tissue Release, Hamburg
• Videoinstallation & Veranstaltungsreihe “Fruits”, Hamburg
• Lichtinstallation, “auf dem Spielfeld”, Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg
• Ausstellung “Duett”, Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg
• Mapping Luminale Urbanscreen, EZB, Frankfurt
• Workshop Videomapping, Kronach Leuchtet, Kronach
• Mapping für CAT Urbanscreen, Malaga, Spain
• Choreographic Coding Workshop, Mainz
• Mapping Rathaus Altona, BTK Uni, Altonale Hamburg
• Gruppenausstellung “Katzen gehen immer noch”, Affenfaust, Hamburg
• Mapping für VW, Virus, Shanghai
• Interactive Videoinstallation “Second Wave”, Nürnberg
• Realtime Videoinstallation “12/21”, Nürnberg
• Live Performance mit POSE DIA “Simulate yourself”, Kamnagel Hamburg
• Interactive Realtime Videoinstallation “SUR/RUS”, Blaue Nacht, Nürnberg
• Live Performance mit POSE DIA “Simulate yourself”, Wilhelmsburg Hamurg


In a world that has temporarily slowed down, we find ourselves in a moment of reflection, where we can rediscover the elements that truly matter to us. Nicolas Ghesquière, the Women's Artistic Director, breathes new life into the rich symbols of the Louis Vuitton heritage. Through the lens of the "Since 1854" collection, fashion influencer Xenia Adonts, media artist Alexander Trattler and Louis Vuitton exemplify the beauty of reimagining the past and crafting something entirely fresh from its essence.




We've taken a unique approach by crafting a virtual avatar of the renowned techno artist Innellea hailing from Munich.

This avatar is meticulously designed, derived from the geometric features of his physical visage, and seamlessly integrated into a parallel cyber universe. It serves as the perfect embodiment of the narrative behind the Transhumanism Trilogy music release.

In addition to its role in live visuals during performances, you can spot the avatar gracing the cover artworks of both digital and physical releases on platforms like Spotify and Beatport. To further promote these releases and draw focus to the avatar, we've also introduced an AR filter.

As a special touch, we've produced exclusive merchandise featuring the avatar on T-shirt prints, along with some intriguing surprise gifts. And last but not least, we've ventured into the world of NFTs, creating and offering a truly one-of-a-kind project on the Foundation app.