TEXTURE SOLEIL“ is a further approach by Alexander Trattler cooperation with Alina Hülsken to the subject of freckles. He continues his photographic work „RÈGLEMENT“ which challenges with the usual order of freckled naturalness.
„Texture soleil“ in particular expands its structure on a previously undeveloped surfaces and everyday objects. The texture enables the item to become an organ, to merge with the human.

This series was published in the MC1R magazine. It is a concept magazine, made by Tristan Rodgers, a readhead himself. MC1R is the worldwide first and only magazine for redheads. It is working together with a lot of very interesting projects and trying to create a nice network for art round about red hair.

Photography & concept
Alexander Trattler

Make up
Trattler Stefanie

Alina Hülsken