This project is a collaboration with post classical pianist Martin Kohlstedt. Design, programming and performance of generative stage visuals in a fulldome projection system.

Martin bases his live music on modular improvisation. Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg commissioned an audio-visual live music show with an immersive environment. It was set in a unique spatial setting in which the audience lay in chairs looking up at the ceiling. This offered an extraordinary balance between music and visuals and proved to be an excellent opportunity for experimentation.

I teamed up once more with Jeremias Volker, Maximilian Mittermeier and Dimitar Ruszev. We decided to go for real-time generative content to cater the pianists playing style and make this a no-cuts mesmerising experience. There were no strict arrangements between Martin and us. Together we wanted to have a conversation that breaks the usual pattern – where musicians take the lead in those collaborations, often with little attention to the visual part. The idea was to influence one another both ways.

We played four shows in a portable fulldome tent at the 2017 edition of the festival in Hamburg.