Simply pass on knowledge

Beside my work as a professional Freelancer i really like to teach.
Below you can find two detailed workshops.

I have been teaching for 8 years and have held many workshops in different places, here is an excerpt.

Some topics of my lectures were
#motion capture #photogrammetry #3danimation #realtimeanimation #visual programming

  • Architectural mapping Altona Hamburg BTK University

  • 3D Characterdesign UE University Hamburg Altona
  • Mapping workshop light festival Kronach Bavaria
  • Projection mapping workshop HAW University Hamburg
  • 3D animation workshop Grabarz & Partner
  • Video mapping workshop Technische Hochschule Nürnberg
  • Hybridfilm lecture CGI elements & footage UE University Hamburg
  • Fullbody reconstruction & motioncapture animation UE University Hamburg
  • Hybridfilm workshop for digital production in Unreal Enginge 5
  • Touchdesigner workshop for audio reactive content UE University Hamburg
  • Touchdesigner beginner workshop at HAW Hamburg