The starting point of this interdisciplinary exploration project was the difference between human and robotic modes of learning and movement. A contemporary dance choreographer and two Epson C8XL production robots were brought together in a creative workshop. Their task was to develop and rehearse a robotic dance performance for the EPSON booth on the CeBIT 2017.

Kunde: Epson

Concept: Till Botterweck
Choreography: Till Botterweck, Magali Sander Fett
Music & Sound Design: Thomas Werner (
Art Direction Visuals: Alexander Trattler
Visuals on robot arms: Thorbjörn Geisler, Lukas Neumann
Robot Animation: Till Botterweck, Thorbjörn Geisler, Moritz Janis Richartz
Production Manager / Consultant: Janna Schmidt
Camera & Documentation Edit: Moritz Janis Richartz

Team Intermediate Engineering GmbH
Project Management & Technical Director: Tobias Wursthorn
Robot Control Development: Benjamin Wunderlich
Showcontrol, Media Server Development: Lukas Seiler, Nicholas Braren
3DS Max Scripting, Rigging Robots & Projector Stage Setup: Sebastian Jakob, Tobias Wursthorn
Robot, Projector & Media Server Operator: Frank Wagner