For the launch of Caterpillar’s new generation of excavators, Urbanscreen realized what might be one of our most ambitious projects ever: a site-specific projection mapping covering 4.500 m2 of outdoor terrain. 14 projectors with a total power of 280.000 AnsiLumen transformed the sand pit of Caterpillar`s Demonstration and Learning Center in Málaga into a giant stage for an unusual multimedia brand experience. The 16-minute show tells the story of Caterpillar’s founding and evolution, staging their powerful machines in their natural environment. In the centre of this augmented landscape, a 12 metre tall cube with a remote-controlled kabuki reveals the Cat 320 at the climax of the show, introducing its revolutionary features to an international trade audience.

Commissioned by: tisch13
End client: Caterpillar

Art Direction: Alexander Trattler
Show Director: Majo Ussat
Assistant Show Director: Moritz Horn
3D-Supervisor: Thorbjörn Geisler
3D-Design: Moritz Horn
Motion Graphic Design: Moritz Richartz, Lukas Neumann, Till Botterweck
Lighting Design: Sebastian Jakob
Music & Sound Design: André Feldhaus, Anders Wasserfall, Michael Meinl
Narrator Voice: Tom Zahner
Mockup Construction: Eike Buff & Lukas Neumann
Creative Direction tisch13: Georg Dejung

Production Partners: PRG & Intermediate Engineering
Technical Direction: Tobias Wursthorn (Intermediate Engineering)
Projection Operator: Frank Wagner
Lighting Operators: Julius Neudecker & Martin Rupprecht
Crew Chief PRG: Sven Heidlas
Site Manager: Matthias Wilde

Production Manager: Majo Ussat

Camera: Moritz Horn, Thorbjörn Geisler
Documentation Edit: Moritz Horn
Photos: Alexander Trattler

With great thanks to Randall Crow and the Caterpillar team in Málaga for their brilliant on-site support.

The NIGHT OF THE CHALLENGER has been developed and realized in close consultation with tisch13. Thanks to Georg Dejung, Pat Kalt and Stefanie Anspach for an excellent cooperation!

Concept pictures