My name is Alexander Trattler. I am a multimedia visual artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Beside my fascination for technical stuff I have a strong artistical background and i teach as a lecturer since 2013.

My Site is a mix of comissioned projects & artworks.

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Studio adress:
Große Bergstraße 264-266
22767 Hamburg

Workshops 2017

  • Architectural Mapping • University of applied science of Europe • mid 2017
    Introduction into how to get startet, to prepare core files for production, to create footage and map it onto the surface.
    Software used: Mad Mapper, Cinema 4D, Photo Scan, After Effects

  • 3D Characterdesign • University of applied science Europe • end 2017
    How to box model you character in C4D, get a basic rig running & texturize it with your style.
    Steps: sketching, box modeling, basic rigging, texturing and a bit animation

Workshops 2018

  • Projection Mapping • HAW Hamburg
    How to work with different methods of mapping, how to create content in 3D, how to project and connect DMX to your show
    Software: MadMapper, C4D, AfterEffects, Arena 6

  • Light installation • Light festival Kronach Germany
    How to plan you installation, what kind of technics you want to use, create your setup & start the show
    Software: MadMapper, C4D, DMX lights, Arena 6


  • C4D

  • Photoshop

  • After Effects

  • Premiere

  • Final Cut

  • Arena 6


  • 3 years lecturing

  • 3D Still & Motion

  • Light Installation

  • Stage Design

  • Projection Mapping

  • Photography


  • Puma

  • Calvin Klein

  • Armani

  • Audi

  • BMW

  • Intel

  • uvm…


  • PD3 London

  • Neon Golden Wien

  • Testo Italy

  • Jung von Matt Hamburg

  • OnedotZero London

  • ATYP Brighton


  • Photokina Köln

  • Dockville Festival Hamburg

  • Urban Art Forms Festival Wien

  • Zürich Open Air

  • IAF Moskau

  • Beta Lounge Hamburg

  • Tissue Magazin, MC1R Magazin, Über Magazin

  • Altonale Hamburg

  • Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg